Thursday, June 21, 2007

c|net tool, Robert Vamosi

just give the guy his hit count and get it over with....

Mr Vamosi has a congenital defect that all cnet folks seem to have... they know nothing and are full of shit.

"When flaws are patched, Apple often does not acknowledge the researchers who actually brought the vulnerability to its attention."

now, i don't mean to disagree with a guy that gets paid to blog, but holy shit, here's a short sample of the OPPOSITE of what good ol Robbie has to say on the subject of Apple not giving acknowledgements or otherwise going after "security researchers" like Lit Cigarrette Maynor.

and that's just 10.4.10 - 10.4.3

if anyone cares to, feel free to look them up yourself...

what i want to know is why i can't get a bullshit job like this hack, and just post drivvel for a career.

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