Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moron Syncing... or, Thanks for proving my point, Information Week!

In my last post, i explained why grown up Mac users want iPhones - because we're sick of syncing hell.

apparently, someone noticed this and wrote a long, drawn out example of what the hell i'm talking about..

This dude at Information Week pretty much proves my point - Mac users are completely second class citizens on the syncing front, or at least, all syncing methods for current smartphones are crap by Mac user standards (that is, we'd like them to work.)

Between my Nokia Symbian, my Blackberry, and my Treo, i've never gotten a smartphone to work with my Mac - and we stupidly have continued to throw money at the problem, hoping that the next guy will serve us properly. And i've spent well over $600 trying.

So, I'm going to give it one last try with the iPhone. But holy hell, if Apple can't do it, you can assume i'll never buy a smartphone again, and will just go back to carrying a SE brick and a laptop when i travel.


while i'm carrying on - i figured it would take SOME time for this to happen, but that it was both Enderle and "Lit Cigarette" Maynor just makes it all the sweeter.

Turns out, "we want an SDK to make iPhone apps! What security problem?" and "damnit, the iPhone is not secure!" is going to be the rallying cry of those apposed to the Butcher of Noika. The tag team FUD machines of Enderle and Maynor and have been quoted in the ever-increasingly-stupid Forbes magazine as saying "The more things a device does, the more vectors an attacker can use," he says. "With the iPhone, the initial barrier to finding vulnerabilities has been overcome because the browser has already been out there."

So thats it then... its not secure and its fine, lets put out an SDK. I wonder what would have happened if Apple had provided an SDK at the beginning and let anyone install anything on the phone? I suppose that Maynor would have shit himself in glee at how breakable the iPhone is. Like the other platform that runs OS X... the Mac.

Of course, since 99.999% of Mac users don't run anti-virus software or firewalls, and the same number of people have never had a problem, we'll take his advice and properly file it.

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