Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Its the Syncing, Stupid

I am a Mac user, and damnit, all us Mac users are going to wait in line and buy the damn iPhone as soon as we can for one, critical, and simple reason.

Would you like to be treated like a Chinese prisoner in Japan before the war?
Would you like to be treated like a black person in the south in the 50's?
Would you like to be treated like Salman Rushdie in Pakistan?

Of course not.

Then why do you think Mac users want to be treated like Mac users with smartphones for the last 7 years?

$500 is NOTHING compared to all the different phones Mac users have had to buy over the years looking for nirvana - where we could use a smartphone, get email, surf the suck-web, and make phone calls, all while having to either stupidly setup our "smart"phones by manually hacking in our address books, or even worse, using the "sewage-water for a dying man in a desert"-like software that was supposed to let us do those things automatically.

Honestly, Apple could have charged a thousand bucks for the damn thing, and most of the Mac users i know feel the same way. And the sick thing is... deep down inside, i still actually sit here and a part of me wonders...

will this phone actually sync properly with my Mac????

i know it sounds impossible... but having been let down time after time with

the PalmPilot/Treo
the Nokia Symbian phones
the Blackberry phones and their crazy-ass "get your software from out in left field" nonsense...

Mac users are terribly gunshy.

Motorola phones and SE phones, to be honest, sync fairly well with Macs - SonyEricsson being the best of the bunch. iSync and SE phones are pretty much stone-cold perfect.. of course, the downside to this is actually having to own a SE phone that makes you look like a continuously horny perv with the 3x4 inch bluge in your pocket. In Colorado, you have to actually get the state to issue you a licence to carry a SE phone because they're so fat and dense and heavy, they can be used as a deadly weapon were you to throw them at an on-coming attacker. My last SE phone, the W600i, was capable of pulling double duty as a cell phone and a Caterpillar chocking block.

Motorola phones, while being slim, simultaneously win the awards for "most peleolithic UI" and "most likely to be powered by a water wheel and a difference engine". To call them slow is to insult the great sidereal year as being annoyingly frenetic.

So, i can somewhat understand the problem faced by people that don't understand why anyone would want the iPhone - so let me sum it up.

Its thin, it looks reasonably good pulling phone duty, it will play my music and my movies that i have all stored on my Mac, and it will (hopefully) sync with Address Book.app, iCal.app, .Mac, and my stickes without me having to wonder "wtf is going to go wrong when i try to sync this damn thing?"

Of course, i'm a Mac user and i assume that the Windows software that comes with all those phones actually works.. but i have no proof of that. It could be that the Windows software blows as many donkeys as the Mac software that's out there... and the only reason that the Windows users aren't whining is because.. well...

we are talking about Windows users, aren't we?

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